when friends don't get you

When we were in high school, Paige and I thought certain (specific) things were hilarious: our history teacher Ms. Lee, the song Dr. Bombay, and the Martin Short movie Clifford - which, one night we tried showing to our friends. It bombed! They didn’t “get” the wacky humor at all and we were devastated. “How are we friends with these people?” we thought. It was an existential crisis.

I had a similar moment recently. It was Saturday night and my friends and I were chatting about what we were going to do Sunday night. I said, “Well, we all know what I like do: eat popcorn and watch Columbo.” To that, a friend of mine said, “Are you serious? (insert look of superiority here) Isn’t that show like, for old people?”

Oh no, she didn’t! 

I mean, aren't friends supposed to understand your quirks? Brittany would probably never watch Columbo, but at least she gets why I like it. That’s not asking so much, is it? All we want at the end of the day are our guilty pleasures to be confirmed by the ones we respect. That's pretty much why we have twitter isn't it? To say to the world, "I'm watching 7th Heaven right now and eating NIlla wafers"  and not be embarrassed about it.

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about, that I found two friends of mine discussing on Facebook:
Friend 1: "We watched Drop Dead Gorgeous last night...but he didn't 'get it' :( Best in Show and Romy and Michelle are a no then?"
Friend 2: "How can u not get drop dead gorgeous?! Did he even find the dancing jesus funny?? Or "the swan ate my baby"!"

Your turn. Please chime in with all the so-called "weird" things that you love, below!  


  1. I love this post. It's hard being so quirky sometimes. Your friends should get you and all of your quirks and it's always awkward when they don't. "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is really funny! I've never seen "Columbo", maybe I should change that?

  2. Haha, 7th Heaven!! I'm guilty!! There was a show called Jack and Jill that I used to love, seems like nobody knew about it! I often use catch phrases of my favorite shows, like "Serenity now!" from Seinfeld when things get chaotic, and "it's going to be, wait for it, Le.gen.dary" from How I met Your mother whenever we think of our R&R. Most of the time people have no clue! haha

  3. Haha I LOVE Clifford, me and my brother could watch that movie over and over and never get sick of it. Same goes for Elf, Tommy Boy, and What About Bob?.

    I don't understand how people could NOT love these movies, and yet so many people look at me like I'm crazy when I profess my love for them!


  4. Hahaha--I so get it and love it. Some sundays(okay any day for that matter)-I just love to lounge around with my pups and read. I have one friend in particular that doesn't get it. She even "worries" about me for it. As far as movies--I have a few friends who don't get that I love love love Royal Tenenbaums and Darjeeling Limited.

  5. I love quirks!! I basically am soooo myself all of the time and sometimes it throws people off when they first meet me but then they realize that it's cool to be yourself. For me, if anything, my quirks and other people's quirky things are something to laugh at in the least! Like how I have a blog (I find that quirky)or how I brush my teeth with baking soda and peppermint oil.

  6. Anonymous2/21/2012

    You should read Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? She talks about this a ton as it relates to her love for comedy!

  7. Quirks are what make people interesting! I think when your friend said "isn't that for old people?" I'd probably take it as a compliment! I love all "old people" things, like eating lunch in zellers, crosswords, bingo, muffins, murder she wrote, bowling...

    I love old people.

  8. I grew up watching Colombo so a night in with a big bowl or popcorn and my favorite disheveled detective sounds fab! I love documentaries and horrible natural disaster action movies, so I've got oodles of friends who think I'm a total weird-o but we all have to have one of those friends right?

  9. Hmmm it's not weird - but i love watching Friends, like over and over again. Same for the Big Bang Theory, but that still pretty knew. And at x-mas time I love to watch The Holiday - every day!

    I watched a lot of Colombo as a kid too, just because my watched it, as well as "murder she wrote", and "Derek" a german criminal tv show

  10. For some reason, that picture of Colombo reminds me of Uncle Frank -- speaking of quirky.

  11. Best in Show is genius, sheer genius. Have you seen Waiting for Guffman?
    And I can't even tell you how many times my friends and I have reenacted the final dance scene from Romy and Michelle. All serious like.

  12. ive never seen columbo! h and i love the show 'cougar town' and nooooobody gets it! ah well they just dont know what they are missing :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  13. Nobody understands my passion for star wars card memorization!!! :(


thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, i love reading them so much!

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