asparagus and eggs

You know that scene in Moonstruck where it cuts to Olympia Dukakis frying an egg inside a slice of bread with some red peppers? Then she flops the egg down on the plate with the peppers on top. She pours coffee from a blue, old fashioned percolator and Cher sprinkles some pepper on the egg. You can hear the sizzle and practically smell everything that's cooking. That's what I was going for with yesterday's lunch. I substituted asparagus for the peppers and copied the scene.

What are your favorite food scenes from movies you love?
 (One of mine is definitely the dinner scene in The Birdcage!)


  1. I'll really have to think about it! Sometimes a good egg sunny side up is the most delicious, but simple thing. This picture is making me crave on right now :)


  2. I've never seen the full movie, only scenes here and there. Buuuut my favourite food scene would have to be from Chocolat when Juliette Binoche invites her guests over for a chocolate dinner and it looks like the most pleasurable moments for her guests! Divine!

  3. Marissa! Chris and I watched Moonstruck over the weekend and I couldn't wait for him to get to that scene! My dad makes "Moonstruck Eggs" a lot and it honestly is one of my favorite meals (minus the peppers hehe).

  4. mm i love asparagus :) this looks like a tasty pairing. what about the dinner scene in beatlejuice?! i thought that was just hi-larious when i was younger and i'd always sing along. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Just trying to see if the comments work again. Muah

  6. I constantly crave that breakfast, that whole scene is my favorite right up to the end of the movie. I wish I could live inside Moonstruck!

  7. The bruschetta scene in Julie & Julia has to be my favorite. It just looks so scrumptious! :)

  8. I don't know why but that sunny side up egg looks amazing. And I usually don't really like them sunny side up.

  9. Once I became a vegetarian I quickly learned how to eat eggs and enjoy them! My favorite quick dinner is brown rice with a fried egg on top and a splash of soy sauce, soooooo yummy.

    I think that the food scenes in Under a Tuscan Sun are my favorite. The food looked amazing but it's the chaos of everyone eating, passing plates, pouring wine, laughing and talking that I find so appealing.


thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, i love reading them so much!

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