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The instagrams, that is.

Maybe I'm weird, (yup) but I find myself scrolling through the photos in my instagram feed wondering, Who are these people? Where are they right now? What kind of dog is that? Is that sushi? but the short and sweet twitter-esque taglines just don't cut it for my inquisitive mind. So, today I'm taking you behind the scenes of my instagrams to give you the inside scoop. Ready?

  • This little historical center street opens up into the piazza where teenagers like to hang out on Saturday nights drinking one-euro beers and eating one-euro slices of pizza from the Mona Lisa pizzeria, one of our favorites. Yesterday I was heading down this street on my way to a lesson in that taupe building and marveling at how a cloudy day brings out the sepia-toned colors in the stones. Sepia happens in real life in Italy. 
  • What a gem. Eraclio, the colossus of Barletta, and he's a stone's throw from our apartment. Found off the coast of Barletta, it's a mystery as to where he comes from, who made him or who he emulates. All we know is that his legs are fake (they melted them down during a war) and he used to be carrying a sword, not a cross. Kids like to climb on him and take pictures underneath his skirt. 
  • The Nespola fruit is still a mystery to me, though some internet investigating uncovers that they are of Japanese origin. Their skin is like suede, and can be peeled back revealing a smooth orange pulp like a peach. We always have fruit after lunch and on Sunday Manu's mom proudly placed these on the table, "Nespola season is here!" she announced. 
  • I've been on a bit of a health kick lately, so I've been riding my bike just about three kilometers in one direction and back every morning. Near the city hospital I noticed this little vineyard that, overnight it seems, blossomed. Once it gets hot, about mid-June, the grapes will start to grow. 
  • Does this look familiar? :) Manu and I were taking an evening stroll on Friday to buy protein powder (again, the health kick) and I got so excited that I could instagram this to everyone. Manu said, in English, "Marissa the super bloggerina!" I think we need to patent that phrase. 
Let's start a trend, ok? (Besides using the term "bloggerina"). I want to see your instagrams and hear the behind the scenes, the inside scoop and all the anecdotes! 

P.S. I ended up eating the whole cherry crisp yesterday! (so much for the health kick) and it was amazing. Get yourself some cherries and make a batch! 


  1. Love the idea of getting the story behind the instagrams!  I immediately recognized that last instagram as being the buildings in your header, so cool :)  And... Manu's phrases are simply priceless.


  2. i know, i love a good backstory too! haha, manu is good for a laugh always!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous! Now my "I have to go to Italy soon" cravings are REALLY bad... ;)

  4. haha sorry about that! and thanks for the compliment! but anyone can be a good photographer here- everything is so old and beautiful! :)

  5. love your pics! especially the one that is your blog header! yayay

  6. I love hearing the stories behind the photos.  You wanna hear something crazy?  I'm pretty sure my great-great-aunt (great-grandmother's sister) had a nespola tree in her back yard when I was little, expect she called them Japanese plums.  I used to LOVE those things and I totally forgot all about them until I saw your Instagram photo!

  7. thanks erica! the header. :) i don't have the heart to change it ever! 

  8. omg so it's true they're from japan then! how cool. and they grew fine in america? i think i need to bring back some seeds with me when i come home!

  9. I'm sure the climate has something to do with it - we were in south Texas so it was always humid and never cold - but they grew just fine!  She had a pecan tree, too, so she'd make crisps with them in the summer (like you would with apricots or peaches) and used pecans in the crisp topping.  Now I'm craving that...

  10. oh. my. god. freshly picked pecan and nespola crisp? i think i would die at the prospect of trying a piece of that. 

  11. I love this idea!  It's so cool to learn why people are actually taking the pictures that they do!  I don't have instagram.  Trust me, I could get it, but then it's just one more thing to do.  I'm not ready for that yet...

  12. Mree435/23/2012

    What a fantastic idea!! I love hearing the back stories of pictures. I always look forward to your instagram pics, they are great.

  13. So fun! I like the story behind the instagram too--but I feel like mine don't have that great of stories! I also would have LOVED to try that cherry crisp. Cherries are hands-down my favorite.
    We have a cherry festival in northwestern michigan in the summer. I usually make myself sick and eat as many as humanly possible.

  14. Pencil Kitchen5/23/2012

    Nespola I wish I can try that out. And I would probably be one of those kids who take Eraclio's skirt pic :x

  15. Haha. Feel the same way about instagrams. Thanks for walking us through yours!

  16. Elizabeth Remes5/24/2012

    I love this idea!  I always wonder at the story behind the instagrams.  I generally don't like sharing my whole feed, though, because I take photos of such random things!  Must be braver about sharing :)


thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, i love reading them so much!

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