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It’s just mathematical that a a weekend spent with friends, food and a full moon can really lift your spirits. Not that I was down in the dumps that much, but let’s jut say that things weren’t necessarily going as planned. A stolen bike, a front door that stopped opening (again) and other little mishaps were getting to me, along with a bout of homesickness at the thought of not being able to eat salsa on Cinco De Mayo. 
But just like that, the clouds lifted and I started to laugh again. Especially on a late-night walk through town, when we spotted this shop window displaying the epitome of southern Italian fashion right now. Thankfully, I was with my two expat friends who could appreciate it: a semi-incoherent English phrase, a sparkly skull and, “never without heels,” (they really aren’t) had us in stitches.
We laughed that we need to each buy something that all the Italians are wearing right now so we fit in. My token item will be a pair of brightly colored Ray Bans (“can you even buy another type of sunglass?” Dominique thought) Erica’s will be a neon baggy shirt and Dominique is already sporting the casual sneakers that are so in right now (“no one knows I’m wearing them to be ironic”).
Sunday night we had a glorious sunset aperitivo at our friends’ house to celebrate their new baby. We drank my favorite, the spritz, and ate delicious assorted crostini with goat cheese, marinated mushrooms, eggplant and spicy olives. Then Juventus (Torino's undefeated soccer team) won first place for the year and there were parades and horns and people wavng giant flags and fireworks in the streets all night long. It was the perfect culmination to a spirit-lifting weekend! 

What lifted your spirits this weekend?


  1. I'm so happy to hear that you could lift your spirits...that first t-shirt is hilarious and it sure gave me a laugh. My homesickness has been bad lately but lifted this weekend when I accomplished a long run with no stopping a higher speed than ever before.

  2. That sounds like the best weekend ever!  I'm so glad that it cheered you up!  That's awesome!

  3. that's so awesome about your run! and we need to start a little expat homesick club when we're feeling blue i think! :) 

  4. thank you christianna! :) i'm glad too, i was pretty bratty for a while. (sorry manu! ha!)

  5. I'm sorry that you hit a bit of a rough patch but it sounds like you were able to get through it with the help of some friends and bad fashion :) Next time,  just say the word and I'll Fed Ex you a jar of salsa carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and a bag of chips that will undoubtably be sawdust upon arrival :) 

  6. I love those t-shirt with words in English on them... they never make any sense! 


thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, i love reading them so much!

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