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Winding through the mini highways of Umbria that cut squiggly, gray lines into the wall of green mountains, Barbara read aloud the Saint Francis Wikipedia page. We all wanted to know a little more about the man who put medieval Assisi on the map for his miraculous life. 
Born into riches, he was a boy with everything at his disposal, and inherited his father’s lucrative business. But soon, the money and power began to wear on young Francesco. He started to rebel, giving the money he made to poor people he met on the street. He hugged lepers, a death wish basically in that period of time, and had visions of Jesus instructing him to perform works like repairing ruined churches. Defying his father’s wishes, he decided to lead a life of poverty, giving up all of his earthly belongings in exchange for a burlap cloak. The weak, the sick, the outcasts; Francesco felt a “fever of love” towards them all. He received the stigmata, founded an order of monks and performed miracles. All in little Assisi. 
 After roaming through the streets, we found a tiny spot for lunch. It was completely silent on that narrow via and Barbara commented, "Even in the silence, you feel something moving around you here."
Thinking about what this town must have been like 900 years ago was enough to set my nerdy history-loving heart all a flutter. And maybe it was the power of suggestion, but even with the tourism and modern shops, there was something strangely peaceful and quiet about Assisi that none of us could really pinpoint. 

P.S. Whether you're religious or not, Saint Francis lead an incredibly interesting life. read more about him here. And if you're interested in visiting Assisi, here's a good guide! 


  1. I love this post and I would love to visit Assisi one day, I did a term paper on St Francis in college! I love that he was a pacifist and I remember that he cared greatly for animals :) The city looks so peaceful and beautiful!


  2. yes, i forgot to mention how he's always depicted with animals all around him. very sweet. :) you would love it there if you studied his life!

  3. nicolebodd11/12/2012

    Growing up Catholic, I always loved St. Francis. Thanks for this peek into his hometown. What a beautiful place! xo.

  4. Stephanie11/12/2012

    I've always wanted to visit Assisi. When I was little, my grandma used to tell me that she thought St. Francis was one of my guardian angels because of how easy it was for me to handle and care for all types of animals. It was a sweet sentiment. :)

  5. La Chapstick Fanatique11/12/2012

    i loved assisi when i visited. it was such a cute little tonw! great pics.

  6. krystal/avillagetown.com11/13/2012

    these are gorgeous photos! i think knowing the history of a place makes it SO much more interesting...this was cool to read :)

  7. thanks so much krystal! i absolutely agree, it makes everything come alive! i have to learn as much about a place as i can before i go there. :)

  8. thanks so much! that's awesome that you've been there too. :)

  9. that's precious! yes, in all his iconography he's surrounded by animals!

  10. you're very welcome, i'm so glad you liked it! i know, i kept remembering my childhood CCD classes during the trip! ha!

  11. i would love to visit assisi! these photos are absolutely beautiful! you should publish a book of your travel pics :)


thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, i love reading them so much!

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