4 (delicious) homemade face masks

I don’t know about you, but once the winter rolls around my skin regimen takes a total back seat to more important things (like how fast I can brush my teeth, put my pj’s on and leap under the covers with my new book.) So I’ve decided to dedicate some time to getting that glow back, with these homemade facial masks. These are things that you have lying around in your kitchen, so get mixing, pop in some holiday tunes and relax...
4 homemade face masks
Moisturizing and Soothing Facial Mask 
2 egg whites + 2 tbs plain yogurt. Mix  well and massage onto face. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. (For all skin types.)
Complexion Brightening and Awakening Mask
4 tbs espresso grounds (or finely ground coffee) + 4 tbs cocoa powder + 8 tbs milk, cream or yogurt + 2 tbs honey (if you have dry skin) or lemon juice (if you have oily skin). Apply to face and neck. Let dry. Rinse off with warm water. (For all skin types.)
Gentle Exfoliating Mask
2 tbs sugar + 3 tbs warm water. Mix until sugar melts. Apply to face and gently massage. Rinse with warm water. (For ashy skin.)
Softening and Moisturizing Mask
1/2 mashed banana + 1 tbs milk + 1 tbs honey. Mix well and apply to skin. Let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water. (For dry skin.)

Try and resist the urge to eat #2.
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UPDATE: I just tried the complexion brightening mask; my skin feels so soft and I swear I look more alive! 


  1. I'm going to have to try one of these tonight... I'm thinking I'll start with the Complexion Brightening and Awakening Masque... it sounds divine :)

  2. these are crazy! I'd love to learn the science behind how these sorts of things work. too cool!

  3. yeah! well, the potassium in banana is a skin softener, and the milk helps it penetrate because of its enzymes. (i think?) the sugar scrubs naturally and the honey has a moisturizing effect while the lemon is like an astringent, drying out the pores!

  4. i did it earlier and it felt AMAZING! i can't stop touching my face. :)

  5. I always feel a little bit intimidated by these homemade masks, but if you tried it and you say it works, I believe you! ;)

  6. I think I definitely need to do the second one. I basically have everything at home already!

  7. Ohhhh, these sound great! Maybe I can find the time to try one. I'm bad about taking care of my skin :/ I've never had any crazy problems aside from normal breakouts and dryness. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Brigette12/13/2012

    love home made masks, and #2 does sound delish!

  9. I have to try these, great ideas!

  10. valsocal12/13/2012

    I'm going to do this first thing in the morning. Thank you.

  11. This is fantastic Marissa! Thanks for posting! I could use a little brightening :)

  12. eriesmith4512/15/2012

    Everybody always find natural methods how to maintain the goodness of their face and I'm not except my myself to this. This post really helps and we can also use Honey mask as a natural way to prevent our beauty.

  13. Nice..... I love the recipe I read your post and good skin care tips and this post really help me for my skin I believe in home made face mask because I am a working women and especially I like the section 2 egg whites + 2 tbs plain yogurt. Mix well and massage onto face I never try this face mask I used banana and honey face mask and thank you so much for skin care tips. :)


thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, i love reading them so much!

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