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Well, my classroom has finally been emptied of its storage materials and filled with desks and mini chairs! I even have my own cattedra, or teacher’s desk, and I have to say, it makes me feel really important. The kids come filing in with choruses of Good Morning Teacher! and stare rapt in attention at what I’m going to do next. This week we learned ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and their comments were precious. One boy, who usually acts up, can’t sit still, throws things, demonstrates general unruliness, etc., was completely enamored by the story and practically translated the whole thing for the class. His teacher was stupefied, and it was more satisfying than you can even imagine. 
Bambini Quotes of the Week
“I love Martina....and I like her too!”
“What color is this? Indigold?
“Of course the moon is closer to the USA, that’s why they went there before anyone!”
The Christmas List 
I still can’t get over how funny this is. Her nonchalance at the beginning, and then complete unbridled happiness at the thought of a Violetta DVD. Has Violetta made it to the states yet? She’s an Argentinian performing arts school girl with a boyfriend and all my 9-year-olds are obsessed with her. 
This is one precise child. She got my whole outfit right! And my braid! On the back she wrote, "Beautyfull Marissa and Love!" Other gifts this week include an American flag drawing with my name on it and a piece of tin foil folded into a square with a heart sticker in the middle. 

Never a dull moment, I tell you! 


  1. Those kids are seriously adorable. You have such a fun job :)

  2. jillian12/14/2012

    awww your students are SO sweet!!! i love the wish list too.. a chalk board (a normal one!) haha what does that mean?! :) xo

  3. Dancing Branflake12/14/2012

    I love how much they love you! And I love how they're not afraid to show their emotions. So sweet!

  4. Your classroom is PERFECT & that drawing definitely needs to be framed.
    Much love to you, my teacher friend!

  5. The comment about the US being closer to the moon is priceless :)


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