seen from a vespa

Snapped some shots for you on our last ride through town on Manu's trusty Vespa - his first love, really. It's precarious back there, trying to hang on and ride the curves of the streets, keeping your legs snug while your driver sneaks through lanes of traffic in the already narrow streets. Not narrow like, "wow, this is a small street," narrow like, "will our car get stuck between the buildings on each side of this street?" You can imagine my difficulty maneuvering a Canon during all that.

Stay tuned for more scenes seen from Manu's Vespa!


  1. valsocal10/10/2013

    I love this.

  2. MademoisElla Coquine10/14/2013

    We're Vespa wives!! Don't you just love being on the back cruising through town? It's one of my favorite things to do on a warm Saturday afternoon. We have so many little things in common!

    So when do you guys start filming your HH episode? : )


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