our casa: floor update

I know it's already a miracle that we've accomplished an entire apartment renovation in nearly four months (in Italy, mind you) but these last few weeks have been torture. From seeming like we were "li li!", right there, to now having a few setbacks, Manu and I feel like the day will never come.
This weekend we had a leak in our roof where we're renting, in a really obnoxious spot too, but we didn't care. No, we've got one foot straddled between here and the new house. I even bought a decorative holiday item that I refuse put up until we get there. Stubborn is my middle name. Despite the anxiety to move in, the floor is nearly done and I LOVE it. I want to do ballet all over it!
 We even have some expert cleaners on hand for when the dust settles. :)

Hope you're all well and enjoying this lovely holiday season. I promise when all this house chaos is over I will be back to my normal blogging self! 


  1. Look at those floors! Gorgeous! You'll be in there so soon!!

  2. so exciting! i love it so far! xo

  3. IT'S ALMOST FINISHED!!! I am so freaking excited for you!

  4. Short and Sweet Blog12/09/2013

    Ah it looks like it's all really coming together! So exciting!


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