a new sunday tradition

I’ve told you about the magic of an Italian Sunday before, and I'm always trying to think of ways for you to experience it with me. The lounging. (The food!) The strolling. (The food!) It’s really all about relaxing with your loved ones, showing off your new threads in the piazza (believe it) and eating some of the best stuff on earth. That’s why I’ve started a new tradition - little 15-second Instagram videos of typical Sundays here in good ole’ Italia and I think they really capture the Sunday magic!

For those of you who don’t have Instagram, I thought I’d share the videos with you here, along with a little recap. Here's what the last three Sundays in Barletta looked like:

Isn't that last one with Giuseppe and Manu cheersing adorable? He is probably my favorite part of Sunday lunches, and keeps us all very entertained throughout all the courses. (He also wishes you a happy Palm Sunday, if you're wondering what he's saying to the camera in Italian.) This Sunday we had a fun Vespa ride to the piazza where Manu got a coffee and we chit chatted with friends in the sun until 1:30 when lunch started at Manu's parents house. We had pasta al forno which is baked penne with sauce, tiny meatballs and mozzarella. Then she made veal cutlets baked in the oven and swimming in veggies. Then we had fresh pineapple and strawberries with a side of gelato and then Cinzia made a tiramisu! It's decadent but we try to keep our portions on the smaller side - try being the operative word. :)

Hope you had a happy Sunday! Here's the link if you want to follow along directly on Instagram! 


  1. This is the dream, girl. So wonderful.

  2. aww LOVE this series marissa! little Giuseppe is the cutest! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Adorbs! I am so envious of your Vespa. Salute Giuseppe!

  4. I love these videos! They make me feel like I'm there with you :)

  5. Your Sundays in Italy make me miss my old Sundays in France, except for the whole language thing ;)


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