our living room progress

Just like the rest of our house, I knew exactly how I wanted the living room to feel, but had no clue how to execute it. I started with the couch: comfy, grey and with a chaise on one end. Which end, though? Then, I figured we should have a coffee table in front of it. What style, though? Next to the couch, a bookcase. And, you get the idea, what type of bookcase?

Considering the options in the Italian furniture shops - either super modern and cold or way too grandma - we settled on our one-stop shop: IKEA! Yes, you’d think these house posts were all sponsored by Ikea (I wish). Since Craigslist, second-hand shops and yard sales don’t exist here, we chose Ikea for general bang-for-your-buck and “American” style. In fact, everyone who comes to visit says immediately upon entering that it feels like an American house! 

Here’s a bit of living room progression for you:
 photo 1f4b493d-5871-48b0-8657-4a7ee151a319_zps12c63978.jpg
 photo bba6c7b7-d430-4947-9eaa-f0b7dfecb9a2_zpsb96fd9d9.jpg
I’ll always remember this day. The Ikea furniture people were putting the kitchen together and other big pieces that we didn’t even attempt to assemble ourselves: wardrobe, bed, dining room table and couch. When I saw the couch in the space it finally felt like we had a house, eve though it was still so bare bones. My father-in-law was so excited and we spent the afternoon vacuuming up dust together and imagining how to arrange the rest of our future things. And now, it’s all coming together, even though there have been times when it felt like we were going to be living amongst construction forever!

 photo e94c97d9-8896-4713-8b5f-a68b6daac9cf_zps0eb96ba8.jpg

The next step will be to get a nicer system in place around the TV, with shelves and storage. Manu happens to be obsessed with the old stereo that's there now, even though we don't use 3/4 of what's in it (tape deck, cd player, radio...) but I surrender to his whims and that's what marriage is all about, am I right? I would also love to fill the whole wall with art, gallery style.

P.S. Check here for more house posts! And, how awesome is this, Ikea bought a wind farm to cover 165% of its electricity in the US! 


  1. so cozy and perfect! i love it :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. It looks great! Is that the EKTORP? We just bought that sofa :) but without the chaise.

  3. Wow! Looks great! You've been busy! :)

  4. It's so hard to find a comfy couch here in Italy! So what do you think of the EKTORP?

  5. I love it, love it, love it! It looks like such a nice and bright space to cuddle up and spend the afternoon :)


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