a boot farewell

I've put this for way too long. My aunt said to me recently, "When are you going to announce that the blog is over? We're all sick of looking at the last post, the watermelon smoothies, you know!"

It's because deep down I don't want to admit it's over, but as you know, all good things must come to an end eventually. You can't force creativity or inspiration, and unfortunately this little space of mine on the internet was getting to feel just that way - forced. The reason for starting the blog in the first place was to document my adventures in Italy (in fact the original title was "adventures in the boot") but now I feel as if I've said all I needed to say, told you everything you needed to know about Barletta, about me and Manu, about the ladies on their balconies, about the markets, about Italian boys in speedos. 

I remember writing the first blog post six years ago. I was sitting in Manu's family apartment and feeling like I couldn't contain myself from the excitement. Everything was so new! So incredibly Italian and equal parts hilarious and mind-opening. No one was reading except my mom probably, and I would wake up every morning dying to write about what had happened the previous day. (Little did I know that six years later we'd be married and that apartment would have become our own!)

Things changed, as they are wont to do, and I started branching out to other topics. I even dabbled as a fashion blogger for a minute (which still boggles my mind seeing as how I'm literally the last person on this earth who cares about being fashionable - my friends can attest.) Then I just wrote what I felt, shared stories and little tidbits of life. I went through another metamorphosis (are we noticing a pattern here? I can't keep still mentally...) and I became a food blogger. Which I loved. But even that got old after a while.

Have I become jaded to life in Italy? To blogging? I don't think so, but I definitely feel a shift happening. Those who blog can tell you that it takes time and dedication and you need to really be in love with what you're doing for it to be sustainable.

So, what now? Well, I've thought about it long and hard and I've decided to start a new blog. (!!!)

You might have noticed that practically all of the recipes on here are healthy ones, and it didn't really occur to me at the time, but several Italian friends asked me for the recipes in Italian, or to translate the posts. Then when I started teaching Zumba four years ago, Italian friends asked me continuously for exercise advice and healthy food options. This hit me like a ton of bricks one day. Yes! An Italian blog geared towards health and fitness! The dialogue was already there and I know it's a sector that's really growing in Italy right now. It could also help stimulate growth in my fitness classes as well as help me branch out to others in the health community in Barletta. Because really, blogging all about community and conversation.

I recently began a new endeavor (as I always do) and I'm getting my personal trainer certification as well as group fitness and any others I can fit in this summer, and I'll be teaching more classes at the gym starting in September. This blog would really be a perfect fit to bring all of that together along with my love for sharing healthy recipes.

I have truly, truly, truly loved the relationships that writing the boot has brought about. I made friends that I will keep in touch with for life and even started seeing life in a different way thanks to it. It's very sad for me to say goodbye, but it's time. I will, of course, still keep you updated via Instagram and the boot will always be here for when you want to come back and read some old posts (some are really hilarious to re-visit, I have to admit) or save some recipes.

Goodbye blog friends, and THANK YOU for your support over these past six years. You have no idea how great it's been to have you here. Ciao for now before I start bawling!

P.S. If you understand Italian and are interested in the new blog I'll make sure to let you know when it's ready to launch!


  1. Arrivederci! If you should ever change your mind...

  2. What a pity ! bye bye

  3. I must admit I read this post with a bit of sadness. I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 years (since I went on my own yearlong adventure to India) and we’ve corresponded a few times via email and you’ve always been so lovely. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog as it was almost like a bit of a….somewhat like a fairytale story? Girl moves to faraway country (Italy no less!) for one reason – not intending to stay, girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, beautiful Italian wedding, girl has new life in said faraway country and lives happily ever after :) Then there was the way that you wrote and the things that you shared – simple glimpses into life in Italy – and I really appreciated it. But, I totally understand your need to move on from this space; things and people change. My own blog has been pretty stagnant this year and I’m debating what comes next with it.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing snippets of your life. I wish you all the best in your next endeavors and would love to know when your new blog/site launches (though I don’t understand Italian!) I’ll also continue to follow along your journeys via instagram.

  4. Anonymous7/04/2014

    I loved reading your blog! Was only one of a few I subscribed to. Wish I knew Italian! Will we be able to acess your old blogs indefinitely or will they be gone?
    Warmest wishes to you and Manu!
    Edith Clark

    Edith Clark

  5. This fellow Bostonian, now in France, will miss you. Best of luck!

  6. Your new blog sounds great! I am very interested in checking it out, just to see how much of it I understand (after one year of intensive Italian courses, many MANY years ago, my skills are rusty, but I am always looking for ways to improve!). best wishes! xo

  7. I have loved reading this blog in all its iterations over the past few years - I'm sad to see The Boot go, but wish you the best of awesomeness in your new venture!

  8. Anonymous7/07/2014

    I've enjoyed reading your posts over the past few years and will certainly miss them. Thank you for the journey!

  9. How sad for us non-Italian speakers haha :)

    You will be missed, but I'm so excited for your new journey! Best of luck!

  10. sad! would love to hear about the new blog.

  11. I love Zumba, and I'm Italian, but alas, I do not speak the language, having been born and raised in the US. Good luck on your new venture. Perhaps you'll set up a translator for those of us who would like to follow along?

  12. Oh, and yes. A blog does need to be a labor of love, because it can sometimes take hours to write one single post. I've stumbled along, but have recently closed my blog to outside eyes, which is too bad, because I share healthy recipes and I believe good content (most of the time), but, it had become a huge chore. I can't quite let it go yet, still posting for my own eyes to look back on, but....

  13. i'd love to know the new blog to brush up on my italian! thank you!
    best regards and a merry christmas :)

  14. Im sad a bit that you stop here now, but I'm so excited for your new project! Best luck for that!

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