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Ciao! I'm Marissa, a hopeless romantic with way too much optimism, a passion for food, photography and all things Italian. I'm originally from a tiny suburb near Boston, but as fate would have it, in 2008 I packed up my life into two suitcases and moved here to Barletta, Italy - little town on the Adriatic coast in Puglia. Six years ago during a study abroad program in Urbino, Italy I met Manu, the love of my life, and after much consideration and a year of long distance, we decided to move in together here in Barletta. It was a decision that changed my life (for the better) completely. 

Here in Barletta I do what most expats do - teach English - except I have the funniest kids ever. And some really awesome adults who've ended up teaching me a thing or two about life. I also teach Zumba and do freelance translating work.

Living in Italy has given me a huge appreciation for food culture, and you'll find lots of recipes here on the blog. My food philosophy is simple; I want to share fast, healthy, affordable and delicious recipes that the budding home cook can prepare in a snap. You can read more about my culinary background and my decision to write predominantly about food here. I shoot with a Canon Rebel XT. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me on my journey discovering good food, learning about expat life and exploring tidbits of Italian culture. A presto! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me (I love hearing from you) at marissabognanno@gmail.com
You can find me on twitterfacebook, pinterest and instagram as well!

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